Image of Taipei 101 tower with lighting design done by UnoLai Design team

Light makes a difference


We create light

We’re a next-generation design team that creates everything from global architecture icons to personal lifestyle innovations.


UnoLai Design International includes world-class lighting design with UnoLight, interactive media with UnoLab, and lifestyle design with UnoLife.

About us

As lighting technology evolves, UnoLai Design is leading the way forwards with future-friendly lighting design and innovation.

Our Projects

Our Vision

“Light is as essential as air. It’s hard to imagine there being no light in our daily lives. Lighting has now moved beyond, to become something that’s able to touch and move people.”

Uno Lai

Our Approach

Boutique design that focuses on the details

Guided by Uno Lai’s vision, our talented international team oversees every project from concept to reality.

Aesthetic lighting that makes architecture shine

We use lighting design to complement aesthetics and help the character of architecture shine.

Asian roots with global impact

Our teams in Shanghai, Taipei, Shenzhen and New York combine deep experience and local insight.

Lighting the way to the future innovation

We focus on qualitative science-driven design while deeply investing in concepting and design harmony. 


Urban Tower, Lighting Design Done by UnoLai Design TeamUno Lai giving lecture
Intrior lighting designed by UnoLai teamTower with beautiful details of lighting design
Window to living room with great lighting design
 Traditional building with modern lighting design